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Partnering - American Team Building® was formed as a result of the need to reduce or virtually eliminate litigation on construction projects. It is a new strategy using an ancient concept whose time has come again!

Negotiation - HCA assists clients by advising them in their approach to issue resolution, their preparation in the presentation of information, and sitting in on meetings to resolve complex project issues.

HCA has the ability to gather the relevant facts and to format them to the disputed issues and to present them and explain the conclusions in a clear and logical format in full comportment with the contract terms and, if appropriate, other bases in equity. HCA believes that this is the first step to effective issue resolution.

Mediation - Prior to full blown arbitration or litigation, mediation may be a process to avoid a tremendous commitment of resources which can escalate the positions of the parties to a point from which neither is able to recover. HCA has had many opportunities to experience navigating this delicate but precipitous course with a high degree of success.

Arbitration – HCA has served many clients in this adjudication process. We have acted as a construction consultant in the development or defense of construction claims, furnishing expert witness testimony, and in cases acting as an arbitrator or part of the Arbitration Panel. Our in-depth knowledge of the construction process and practices as it relates to the specific contract terms supports the attorneys' and client's efforts in presenting their case.

Litigation - HCA has assisted the legal profession since 1974 in litigation of construction issues disputes for both government agencies and the private sector industries. Our broad range of experience and knowledge of construction industry problems accumulated over the years has given our testimony, analyses and opinions solid credibility in the courtroom during trials and hearings.

About Us

HCA Consulting Group International (HCA) is an Engineering and Construction Consulting firm that has been based in Hawaii since 1987.  HCA provides a wide variety of services to its clients, with special emphasis on Construction Management, Construction Claims, Litigation Support, Dispute Resolution and Prevention, Scheduling, and Training.

HCA is fully qualified to provide the above services from our existing team of engineers, construction managers and technicians, with the support of a wide ranging network of sub-consultants.  HCA is also capable of selecting additional qualified personnel from its current list of applicants.