Claims & Disputes

HCA has been retained by general contractors, government agencies, and private owners to manage, prepare, analyze, and resolve their construction claims and disputes. HCA’s team of construction experts perform forensic analysis of construction projects to determine liability for increased costs, reduced labor productivity, construction defects, and schedule impacts.

Claims & Defenses

HCA has prepared claims and defenses for Cumulative Impact Claims, Differing Site Conditions, Changed Conditions, Suspensions, Terminations, Loss of Efficiency, Out of Sequence Work, Lack of Site Access, Change Order Impacts, Owner Delays, and Contractor Delays. HCA has prepared and developed claims or defenses and presented its findings to judges, juries and arbitrators. HCA also provides claims mitigation and avoidance by proactively monitoring the project to identify potential situations where a dispute may arise.

HCA’s Construction Claims Services

  • Claim Identification & Avoidance
  • Claims Preparation & Presentation
  • Construction Mediation, Litigation and Arbitration Testimony and Support
  • CPM Schedule Delay Analysis
  • Time Impact Analysis
  • Construction Defect Analysis
  • Change Order Analysis and Review
  • Constructive Changes
  • Loss of Efficiency / Loss of Productivity
  • Overhead & Profit Review
  • Eichleay Home Office Overhead Calculation
  • Acceleration / Constructive Acceleration
  • Hawaii Construction Industry Standards and Practices
  • Work-In-Place Cost Valuation
  • Work-In Place versus Past Payment Analysis
  • Cost to Complete Construction