Herbert Chock

P.E. President & CEO

At the helm of HCA is company founder Herbert Chock, P.E. He has a wealth of experience in the industry, dating back to education in the early 60s. As the lead consultant in the critical arenas listed above, he also collaborates on every project in the firm.

Joseph Hart

V.P. Construction Management

HCA’s lead Construction Manager (CM) is Joseph Hart. He has been with HCA since 2001. He provides management skills applied to the planning, design and construction of projects from inception to completion for the purpose of controlling time, scope, cost and quality.

Keith Hayashi

V.P. Claims & Litigation

Keith Hayashi has served in various capacities for the Federal and State governments, as well as for the private sector. His proficiency lies in the evaluation, analysis, and development of claims as well as Requests for Equitable Adjustment on behalf of contractors and in defense of Owners.

Tracy Sweeney

Office Manager

Tracy Sweeney has worked in Human Resources for 8 years and has over 10 years experience in office administration as well as contract administration. As contract administrator she assists the Construction Managers in the administration of various projects including computerized document control for file management and correspondence tracking.