Building Consultants

HCA provides support as an independent advisor to assist with origin and cause, damage assessments, repairability, scope of repair, estimating, ACV/RCV, roofing evaluations, duration of repair, site monitoring, invoice analysis, and cost validation for property damage losses to residential, retail, and commercial properties.


Coordination Process

  • Site Inspections
  • Damage Evaluations
  • Cost Estimating
  • Invoice/Estimate Analysis
  • ACV/RCV Determination
  • Period of Restoration
  • Personal Property Inventory
  • Site Monitoring
  • Roof Evaluations


Management Oversight

HCA prides itself on furnishing oversight services to the client who prefers to provide their own “clerk of the works”, or desire to “customize” the scope of the Construction Manager function.

Project Engineering

Engineering services are available for specific construction requirements, such as short term or special project segments.

Evaluations & Analysis

Construction related costs require evaluation, from quantity take-off to the pricing of labor escalation, loss of productivity, extended overhead, and extra work. HCA has performed a wide range of cost evaluation and analysis assignments and offers their clients the benefit of this experience.